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Hey guys, I’m excited to tell you about my new fitness project and challenge that I’ve been working on for the better part of five years and even more concentrated for the last two years. You have probably heard me talk about a lot of random fitness, hacks, and ideas over the years. Everything from intermittent fasting, cold plunge, sleep, supplements, my morning tea and many others things have been the topic of conversation.  In this challenge we are going to do something that has not been done.  We are taking the best, non-clinical, health and longevity disciplines and incorporating them simultaneously, while adding my 30 years of experience to the mix...LET’S GO!!


Since the beginning of time man has been on a quest to find the illusive fountain of youth and figure out how to  become eternal. Well, I’ve been on my own “Ponce de Leon” journey, in search of a modern day fountain of youth. I’ve taken a deep dive into the longevity space, trying to identify the things that promote longer life and more life into the years. I’ve read countless books on the subject (eleven, to be exact). I’ve listened to a wide variety of audio books, watched documentaries, read scientific studies, peer reviewed articles, journals and magazines.  I have watched YouTube videos on related subject matter, listened to podcasts and yes, tuned in to a few TikToks.  Finally, I put some skin in the game…I jumped in with both feet and started biohacking myself. I became the subject and the observer. I’ve dabbled with some of the disciplines and have been fully committed with others.  Everything that’s going to be a part of this challenge, I have tested for your benefit and mine.  I think we are about to redefine “best practices” in the longevity space!  

I’m inviting everyone along on this journey for the next 30 days, All 120+ clients!  The challenge guidelines will be released every Sunday for the week to come.  The guidelines will include what to do, helpful hints, demonstrations, explanations and occasionally, a few supporting videos.  However, you will self-govern your level of commitment and intensity along with your initial measurements.


I’m inviting 10 focused people from the group at large (120+) to join me for a deeper dive and personally lead a challenging experience.  The cost is $389.  


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